High-performing and cost-effective determination of robot properties


Cognibotics specializes in methods and services for high-performing and cost-effective determination of robot properties such as backlash, friction, and non-linear compliance. 

By knowing joint and link properties, robots can:  

• move with higher accuracy

• better compensate for deflections due to process forces 

• be more predictable by simulating the effect of the determined properties

•  be monitored to predict upcoming 

errors due to robot wear

Cognibotics offers low-cost solutions for determining joint properties, thereby enabling robots to work in application areas where existing calibration techniques and current robot solutions are not tractable.


The COMET FP7 project and EC FP7 programme for providing the research opportunity that resulted in the foundation of this company.

LUIS for helping in forming a business out of research results.

The ProFlexa project and SSF/ProViking for complementary national research funding.

Modelon for providing office space.



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Founders of Cognibotics 


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Lower costs

Let your robots determine their own joint properties, and let them automatically compensate for their own deficiencies; have the work done by lower-cost robots.

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Monitor wear

Let Cognibotics techniques assist in monitoring mechanical wear and service needs; prevent production stop by adaptive maintenance.

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Be precise

Let your robots determine their joint and link compliances, and let them automatically compensate for deflections due to end-effector forces; enable lean robots to be precise without costly sensing.